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  • activity rules — The rules, specified under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1998, governing the behaviour of bidders, candidates and insiders during the UK government auction process for licences to provide mobile communications. Practical Law Dictionary. Glossary of …   Law dictionary

  • activity — ► NOUN (pl. activities) 1) a condition in which things are happening or being done. 2) busy or vigorous action or movement. 3) an action taken in pursuit of an objective. 4) a recreational pursuit. 5) the degree to which something displays its… …   English terms dictionary

  • Activity (chemistry) — In chemical thermodynamics, activity (symbol a) is a measure of the “effective concentration” of a species in a mixture, meaning that the species chemical potential depends on the activity of a real solution in the same way that it would depend… …   Wikipedia

  • Activity coefficient — An activity coefficient [ [ Gold Book definition] ] is a factor used in thermodynamics to account for deviations from ideal behaviour in a mixture of chemical substances. In an ideal mixture the… …   Wikipedia

  • behaviour genetics — Study of the influence of an organism s genetic composition on its behaviour and of the interaction of heredity and environment ( nature and nurture ) in determining behaviour. The first scientist to explore the area was Francis Galton, who… …   Universalium

  • Activity theory — See also Social Constructivism (Learning Theory) and Critical psychology.Activity theory is a psychological meta theory, paradigm, or framework, with its roots in the Soviet psychologist Vygotsky s cultural historical psychology. Its founders… …   Wikipedia

  • behaviour — /bəˈheɪvjə / (say buh hayvyuh), /bi / (say bee ) noun 1. manner of behaving or acting. 2. Psychology a. the actions or activities of the individual as matters of psychological study. b. the pattern of such activities. 3. Zoology the activity or… …   Australian English dictionary

  • behaviour — be·hav·iour || bɪ heɪvjÉ™ n. manner of acting, conduct; any observable activity in humans or animals; reaction of a material when exposed to an outside force (also behavior) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • activity — noun (plural activities) 1》 a condition in which things are happening or being done.     ↘busy or vigorous action or movement. 2》 an action taken in pursuit of an objective.     ↘a recreational pursuit. 3》 the degree to which something displays… …   English new terms dictionary

  • schooling behaviour — Activity characteristic of clupeiform fish (herrings, anchovies, and allies) in which many fish swim together, appearing to act as a single organism. A school of herring may contain many millions of individuals of roughly similar size. Fishes… …   Universalium

  • animal behaviour — Introduction       any activity of an intact organism.       A living animal behaves constantly in order to survive, and all animals must solve the same basic problems. They must, for instance, periodically replace their energy source (consume… …   Universalium

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